All Together Now

Telling and developing audience participation stories. For storytellers with some experience.


Learn A Folktale Today

Learn techniques for learning a story without memorizing the words. For adults & adaptable for students Grade 4 & up.


Shaping Folktale Retellings

"Learn a Folktale Today" plus exploring decisions tellers make. For adults & adaptable for high school students.


Parents as Storytellers

Take a closer look at you as the most important storyteller in your child's life! For parents and guardians.



Engage in activities that move beyond the text to deepen story understanding.  

For any age group 6  - adults.


Reading so Others Listen

Learn skills that communicate meaning, not just words, when reading aloud. For adults.


Storytelling: a Basic Workshop

Learn the A, B, Cs in the art of telling folktales. For adults.


Telling Stories & Reading Aloud to Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

An introduction to these essential skills for those who work with young children.  Details

Create a Workshop

Talk with Mary about your goals for your workshop participants and receive a customized workshop.

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Lecture - Demonstrations

Mary offers two lecture- demos: 

"Storying Your Message" 

"Evolution of Tale Retellings"

Storying Your Message

Learn how effectively establishing context and shaping a well-told story will help make your point. For adults. Details

Evolution of Tale Retellings

A look at the "what happened" between the time Mary found a story and how she tells it. For adults. Adaptable for youth tellers.  Details