Videos - Enjoy examples for your intended audience!


Stories for Audiences 8 and Younger

Joining in opportunities abound for this age group. - chanting along & singing along to help tell the story. 


Stories for Audiences Ages 9 and Older

Fairy tales, true stories, haunting tales -- these ages enjoy all types of stories, including the wacky and the weird! Stories told live vary by age group within this large range!


Stories for Mixed-age - Adults, Children, Tweens, and Teens - Audiences

Stories vary depending upon the ages present, but in mixed-age programs, Mary includes nothing a typical parent or guardian might be uncomfortable explaining on the way home! 


Stories Mary Tells Adults

Yes, adults enjoy stories most other ages also enjoy, but some tales are only of interest to adults.

Haunting Tales

Haunting Tales

Who hears what at a live program depends upon the audience! When varied ages are present, Mary tells merely spooky tales first, then the truly haunting tales after the little ones head home.

The Beaded Bag

Mary's Victorian era retelling 

of the ghostly tale of the vanishing hitchhiker. 

From KET Education's A World of Stories series 

at PBS Learning Media.

The Beaded Bag