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Sailing the Flying Ship - a Conference Keynote

Set the stage for learning at the beginning of your conference, or remind your participants of all they have learned throughout your conference with Sailing the Flying Ship, a conference keynote or closing session.
When Mary presents Sailing the Flying Ship, she weaves together folktales, autobiographical anecdotes, commentary, strategically placed questions and small group discussion in a thought provoking entertaining program, appropriate for older teens and adults.
When your conference opens with Sailing the Flying Ship, your participants will be refreshed and ready to accept both the risks and responsibility of learning together throughout the conference.

When your conference closes with Sailing the Flying Ship, your participants leave reminded of how the community created by the conference and the information they have learned throughout can support their continued growth.

Life navigation skills addressed during Sailing the Flying Ship include:

  • The importance of viewing setbacks as opportunities
  • The importance of spending one’s energy wisely
  • The importance of distinguishing between observations and conclusions
  • The importance of setting real goals and developing real plans
  • The importance of being able to change one’s perceptions of situations and individuals
  • The importance of a community of colleagues and the knowledge that being a colleague to others requires choosing that action
  • The wisdom of surrounding oneself with skilled individuals and calling upon them to assist when needed
  • The importance of developing our own skills and the ability to take command of those skills to use them as needed
  • The wisdom of being willing to re-evaluate goals as they draw closer
  • The impact of asking and honestly answering -- Who am I? Where am I going? Why am I here?

Program Length: Approximately 65 – 70 minutes, depending on how talkative your group members are during the two small group discussion sections of the program. (And yes, Mary can time and direct those discussions precisely when needed to bring the presentation to a close by a specific time. Just talk with her about your specific conference needs.)

What others are saying:

“Delightful! Spellbinding!
Very relevant to making the most of this entire conference.”
Participant evaluation, Clemson University’s Professional          Development for Women Conference, Louisville, Kentucky

“Mary was the best keynote presenter I have heard at any of the many conferences I have attended.”
Participant evaluation, National Storytelling Conference

Mary recorded a version of Sailing the Flying Ship on audiocassette (yes, the recording was made several years ago!) About it, a reviewer wrote:
“However you use it, you cannot help but appreciate a beautifully crafted storytelling piece that is sure to make you think. Perhaps you’ll think about the power of inner voices, the importance of focus, true listening, and taking time on the way through life. Each person will no doubt take from the tape what he/she needs and have a good time doing it.”
The Second Story Review

Contact Mary to learn if Sailing the Flying Ship would be a good match for your conference participants and to receive a fee quote based on the location of your event.


Mary Hamilton, Professional Storyteller
65 Springhill Road, Frankfort, KY 40601-9211
: 1-502-223-4523
Email: mary@maryhamilton.info