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"Ms. Hamilton becomes a bedraggled hag, an arrogant prince, a crafty handmaiden all in the space of a few minutes. The applause at the end of the cautionary tale is more than polite. The audience is relaxed and smiling. It is clear that storytelling is not just the realm of children."
Constance Alexander, Murray Ledger and Times, Murray, KY

Yes, Mary tells stories, using her voice and body to subtly create characters and her straightforward “just talking” style to allow plenty of room for audience imaginations to create worlds suggested by each tale. She has entertained audiences in theatres, schools, libraries, museums, hotel conference centers, house concerts, private parties and more. 
Below you’ll find brief descriptions for several thematic programs. Think of these as examples, not a finite list!  Mary not only works to constantly expand her repertoire, but she also works with presenters to combine stories from her repertoire to create programs to support specific thematic events. 

You can also use the menu on the left for more detailed descriptions of some of Mary’s more unusual offerings: Around the World with Cinderella, a multicultural Cinderella celebration, Buggy Kentucky a storytelling meets science program; Children of Richard, Rhoda, and God, a one-woman show; andSailing the Flying Ship, a conference keynote.

Some Thematic Program Possibilities!

  • All Together Now - Listeners chant along, sing along, and join in. Especially appropriate for Grade Preschool – 3 school assemblies or family events with many younger children in the audience.
  • Around the World with Cinderella – Celebrate Cinderella in this multicultural program.  See detailed description here.
  • Athena Did What? – Yes, the Greek goddess Athena had her hand in many adventures including the stories of Arachne and Medusa. Audiences hear a selection of Greek myths all featuring the goddess Athena. Especially appropriate for anyone ages 10 and up.
  • Buggy Kentucky – Hear insect stories from several cultures; learn insect facts; see insect specimens. See detailed description here.
  • Children of Richard, Rhoda, and God – A multi-character one-woman show, based on oral history and autobiography, appropriate for teen and adult audiences. See detailed description here.
  • Haunting Tales – Mary’s repertoire of haunting, ghostly, and spooky tales lends itself to the creation of haunting events for varied audiences – school groups Grades 2 and up, family audiences, tween or teen audiences, adult audiences. Mary has even told haunting tales with stories for the youngest beginning the evening then increasing the haunting intensity with each subsequent tale. Such events work well for presenters who are comfortable encouraging families to pick their own “time to go home” based on the intensity of the story they’ve just heard. 
  • Kentucky Tales - a celebration of Kentucky's narrative traditions. This theme can be adapted varied audiences – school groups Grade 1 and up, family audiences, adult programs.
  • Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After - a selection of Mary's favorite fairy tales. This program can be adapted for audiences from six years to adult groups.
  • Sailing the Flying Ship – Stories, folktales and true stories, woven to set the stage for learning, create a unique conference opener or conference closer, for gatherings of teens or adults. See detailed description here.
  • Some Dog, a Kentucky Wonder – Do you need some short down home humorous entertainment for your event?  Some Dog, a tall tale set on the farm where Mary grew up, featuring her four brothers, and one remarkable Kentucky hound dog, is the tale to entertain your group. Two versions (running just under twenty-minutes and just under thirty-minutes) are available to best suit your needs. Suitable for families or all adult groups.
  • Sisters All - folktales and true tales of girls and women. This theme can be adapted for any audiences from age nine through adults.
  • Stories the World Over - folktales from a variety of cultures.

Do I have to select a theme?
No! If you want Mary to come tell a variety of stories appropriate for your audience, she will gladly do just that – no theme needed!

“I have a theme in mind, but it’s not on Mary’s list.”
If the above describes your situation, contact Mary. Her repertoire might contain just the stories to support your theme. If her repertoire is a good fit, she’ll accept the job. However, when her repertoire is not a good fit, she will do her best to refer you to one of her many storytelling colleagues for a better match.

Especially for Teachers
You’ll find ideas for using Mary’s recordings in your classrooms here

What are Mary’s Fees?
Fees vary depending on several factors:

  • Where the program is taking place (A school? A private home?)
  • Travel time and expenses (The farther away a program is from Mary’s home in Frankfort, Kentucky, USA, the more expensive the program will be because of travel expenses.)
  • How many days Mary will be in your area (Mary offers discounts for multiple days in the same geographic area. After all, once she has traveled to your area, staying additional days is only a small increase in travel expenses.)
  • The number of sets or performances in the same day (Mary also offers discounts on additional sets or performances scheduled in the same day at the same or nearby locations.)
  • Whether or not workshops are also scheduled. In addition to performances, Mary offers workshops. Learn more about them here.
Contact Mary to discuss program possibilities. Expect her to find out what you have in mind and where you are located. Then, she will calculate all her travel expenses and provide you with an all inclusive fee quote.


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