Around the World with Cinderella

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Around the World with Cinderella

Did you know there are hundreds of Cinderellas? Yes, nearly every culture tells a story of a girl, or guy, who travels the road from ruin to riches. You’ve probably heard of Cinderella’s fairy godmother, but what about the magic fish, the grandfather frog, or the magic doll that help the Cinderellas in other cultures?


Cinderellas slipper

On the Road with Cinderella

You’ll hear about all these, plus a Cinderella who needs no assistance from anyone in Around the World with Cinderella.

Award-winning storyteller Mary Hamilton presents a Cinderella celebration featuring a multicultural mashup of eleven traditional Cinderella tales from Chile, Russia, France, China, Republic of Georgia, Germany, Nigeria, Ireland, and three North American cultures – New World Spanish, Native American MicMac, and Appalachian.  But the multicultural Cinderella mashup is only one part of Around the World with Cinderella.

Hamilton also relies on memories of “Cinderella, dressed in yella” a jump rope rhyme from her childhood with both school yard sanctioned and school yard banned versions. Yes, she includes both.

Wordplay takes the stage too when Hamilton spoonerizes Cinderella into “Rindercella”. Hamilton readily admits “Rindercella” is not her unique creation, “I’ve heard lots of versions – all including Rindercella, the Pransome Hince, and a slopped dripper.”  That’s Cinderella, the Handsome Prince and a dropped slipper, for those unfamiliar with spoonerisms -- wordplay based on swapping initial sounds named after Reverend William Spooner who is said to have created them unintentionally. 

Guys won’t feel left out of in this show either because a Cinderlad – Boots, the put-down youngest brother hero from Norwegian folklore -- also receives star status in a tale that includes a rather determined and lusty princess.

What Others Say:
"Eleven Cinderellas is a storytelling tour de force."
Ted Parkhurst, President
Parkhurst Brothers Publishing, Inc.

 “Brilliantly crafted, the segments work like blocks of a quilt: individual works of art that make up a whole. Here, Hamilton chooses to place her stories emphasis not on the stereotypical 'wicked stepmother' but rather on the inner character of the struggling stepdaughter as she encountered difficulties during her journey."
Flora Joy, Reviewer for Parents’ Choice
(About the multicultural mashup, Eleven Cinderellas)

Length: 50 -- 55 minutes
Appropriate for adults, teens, and others Cinderella fans ages 10 and older.

Technical Needs

Mary travels light, so her technical needs are few:
1. A microphone on a pole or gooseneck stand (or clip on if you believe this gives the best sound in your venue)
2. A space (approximately four feet deep and six feet wide is enough) to perform from.
3. A raised platform (same size as performance space) if site lines for your audience would be helped by Mary working from a platform.
4. Some additional lighting on Mary, if you have this ability.
5. Some lighting in the audience, if possible, so Mary can see facial expressions. [In storytelling, the teller really does pay attention to the audience and talk to them. The traditional theatrical 4th wall is not ever-present.]

Contact Mary for an all inclusive fee quote, based on your distance from her home in Frankfort, Kentucky.


Mary Hamilton, Professional Storyteller
65 Springhill Road, Frankfort, KY 40601-9211
: 1-502-223-4523